Summer is almost here and that means it’s time for lawn work, backyard barbecues, and evening get-togethers on the back deck. And – if you’re appropriately savvy, maybe upgrading your under deck living space.

Here are just four great summer suggestions to spruce up your under deck living space. Don’t forget that DEK Drain offers comprehensive drainage solutions that can protect your deck frame from moisture while providing a fully customizable and functional living space below.

  1. No pests allowed! Many homeowners opt to complete an under deck living space with furnishings or optimal storage solutions. Others, however, simply want to boost the aesthetics of this space, making it look more complete with fencing or lattice. This also serves the purpose of warding off wayward pests and critters like rodents, skunks, and even stray cats who get a little too comfortable near your home.
  2. A green thumbs-up: Container gardens are all the rage with space-conscious home horticulturists and make it simple to nurture sprouts without breaking ground. All you need are some decorative planters, hanging space, and some potting soil to create your colorful cornucopia under your deck.
  3. The great(er) outdoors: There’s no law that an under deck living space has to be an extension of your interior home. With the proper landscaping, you can expand the beauty of your outdoor efforts, creating an interconnected aesthetic throughout shrubbery, flowers, and more that ties everything together.
  4. Fan service: Summer glare beating down on you up above? Why not retreat to your outdoor living space, now complete with inset lighting and an energy-efficient ceiling fan? Enjoy the refreshing breeze and invite others to do the same.

DEK Drain’s proprietary under deck drainage systems will help keep your investment dry and free from damage and rot. Our solutions are fabricated with a durable rubber membrane material, designed to withstand fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions. But most importantly, DEK Drain’s TOPSIDE system delivers a dry, functional under deck living space that instantly doubles the possibilities for recreation, relaxation, and summer excitement. Contact us today to learn more.

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