April 22 is Earth Day, an annual observation held in hopes of raising environmental awareness and protection. The movement began in 1970 and has grown to include global events and activities touching more than 190 countries and 1 billion individuals. You may be wondering how an eco-friendly deck drainage solution can help.

This year’s theme, “Invest in Our Planet,” calls on businesses and their customers to strive for an eco-friendlier future. DEK Drain hopes to do its part by continuing to champion innovative products and procedures that are designed with our natural world in mind.

Here are just three eco-friendly features and/or benefits of top-quality deck drainage solutions:

  1. They’re mindfully made: The best deck drainage solutions implement environmentally friendly materials. DEK Drain, for instance, uses a premium rubber membrane, which not only provides incredible flexibility for contractors and do-it-yourselfers but also fits into our natural world more agreeably compared to metal or plastics. Because panels are custom-cut, waste is also eliminated – which is far easier on the nation’s landfills. Perhaps most importantly, DEK Drain installation never requires caulk, glue, or any other potentially toxic goo or adhesives. Your yard will thank you for it.
  2. There’s no wasted water. Did you know? Your deck drainage solution can redirect the water that would otherwise be damaging to your property where it’s needed most. By diverting and collecting rainwater, you save money on your utility bills, waste is reduced if not outright eliminated, and your gardens, plants, and even your lawn benefit from a thirst-quenching drink later on.
  3. Erosion? Eradicated. A downpour of rainwater that breaches the surface of your deck can contribute to erosion – a condition in which soil is worn away. This could wreak havoc on your property, and potentially cause your foundation to shift, damaging your home. Quality deck drainage solutions are frequently implemented in custom “green” homes. DEK Drain, for instance, has been recognized nationwide for its modest carbon footprint and our innovative and economic design that eliminates waste.

DEK Drain specializes in deck drainage solutions that protect your deck against precipitation and moisture damage while creating a dry, functional, and fully customizable living or working space below.

Ours is also the only product backed by a limited lifetime warranty, which is fully transferable to another homeowner if and when you sell your home.

The eco-friendly benefits of DEK Drain are clear, even when the weather isn’t. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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