Local downpours resulting from Tropical Storm Isaias came fast and hard in recent weeks, costing many homeowners a great deal in property damages. A steel frame deck might be what you need.

If you didn’t have a chance to batten down the hatches before the deluge, now may be a great time to consider measures to mitigate any future repairs. In fact, the DEK Drain® team has been receiving a lot of great feedback from clients regarding deck drainage systems we installed on increasingly popular steel frame decks.

The substructure of your deck is perhaps its most critical component. For greater protection, triple steel beams, tracks, and interlocking joists extend the longevity of your investment. When paired with a professional drainage system – that longevity is enhanced exponentially (more on that below).

Not only that, but due to the pandemic, lumber mills are extremely backed up and consumers are having difficulty purchasing pressure treated lumber at the moment. Some forecasts are saying it may be December or later before that changes. Steel joists can be a viable and cost-effective alternative.

There are a number of benefits associated with installing a steel frame deck on your home. Here are just six:

  1. Adaptability: The versatility of your steel frame deck will equal or surpasses wood framing – even when your deck’s design involves curves and/or cantilevers.
  2. Dependability: Straight, uniform pieces stay put and remain flat, without warping, splitting, or shifting, and provide a durable and secure foundation for your deck.
  3. Ease of Use: Assembly is simple and often requires only a fraction of the labor required for wood framing
  4. Durability: Steel frame decks are resistant to rot, as well as damage from pests – and fire.
  5. Visual appeal: Finished projects are aesthetically pleasing – and available in colors that blend with most decking projects.
  6. Compatibility: Steel frames are fully compatible with DEK Drain’s TOPSIDE® drainage systems, which create a dry, functional space under your deck.

Our TOPSIDE panels can be easily fixed to the top of your steel frame deck’s joists before the deck boards are ultimately fastened. This ensures rain that pours through the surface of your deck is captured and creates a dry, functional, and attractive space below.

Most importantly, ours is the only deck drainage system on the market offering a fully transferrable, limited lifetime warranty, which means that it will last every bit as long as your steel frame deck.

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