As a new year begins, many homeowners resolve to make long-overdue improvements and fixes around the house – and outside of it. Preparing your deck for spring typically lands toward the top of many to-do lists. Implementing a quality deck drainage system can be an essential part of this process – and not just for weather protection, but also for maximizing the space below.

New Year, New Goals for Your Underdeck Space

Setting New Year’s resolutions for your home’s exterior is a proactive step towards enhancing your living space, overall. While preparing your deck for spring, inspecting, cleaning, and possibly upgrading your underdeck drainage system (or adding one to begin with) can be a huge part of ensuring it’s ready for the warmer months ahead.

Investing in quality deck drainage solutions, like DEK Drain’s TOPSIDE® system, ensures your underdeck area remains dry and usable regardless of the weather​​. This not only protects your home but also doubles your deck’s usable space. By transforming the space beneath your deck, you open this often forgotten area to virtually endless possibilities – whether as a hub for social gatherings, a luxury storage space, or a cozy relaxation corner.

Reflect on Past Weather Challenges

The previous year’s weather patterns have shown us the importance of being prepared. From heavy rain to melting snow, a robust underdeck drainage system is the key to tackling these challenges. For example:

  • Heavy Rainfall: During seasons of intense rain, a well-designed underdeck drainage system prevents water accumulation under your deck, protecting the structural integrity of your deck’s frame and preventing water damage to the area beneath.
  • Rapid Snow Melt: As snow melts, especially during sudden warm spells, it can lead to significant water buildup. An efficient drainage system ensures that this meltwater is effectively channeled away, reducing the risk of damage, and maintaining the usability of the underdeck space.
  • Spring Showers: Common in the early spring, these showers can cause intermittent but substantial water flow. A good drainage system helps manage this deluge, keeping your underdeck area dry and functional throughout the season.
  • Seasonal Debris Management: Along with water, seasonal debris like leaves, twigs, and pollen can accumulate on and under your deck, collecting moisture. A quality drainage system aids in diverting and/or mitigating any residual moisture from this debris, keeping the space below your deck dry, clean, and clear, making maintenance easier and more efficient.

So, start planning early to reap the benefits of deck drainage throughout the remaining winter months, and then enjoy your underdeck area to the fullest the moment spring arrives. Early preparation ensures you have ample time to enjoy your outdoor space in the spring and summer months.

Remember: preparing your deck for spring is not just about maintenance but also about enhancing your living space. A quality deck drainage system is integral to this process, ensuring your underdeck area is dry, safe, and fully functional.

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