Are family and friends headed home for the holidays?

Chestnuts may be primed and ready for roasting by the fire, the kitchen may be filled with the alluring scent of fresh-baked cookies and pies, and the bar in the den may be fully stocked with plenty of spirits to make guests merry – but let’s not forget one of your home’s most enticing social spaces: the deck!

Here are just three great ways to make your deck feel nicer when company comes calling this holiday season.

  1. Go green: One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your deck feel nicer and more festive is to add some greenery. Garland is a great option this time of year and is a perfect fit for your deck’s staircase and railing. Potted pines and other plants, too, strategically placed around the perimeter of the deck can add seasonal color to your outdoor living space. Interested in something that will last longer? Artificial is always an evergreen (pun intended) and affordable choice.
  2. String some lights: Like wreaths and garland, lights are a mainstay of the holiday season. Whether you prefer the blinking reds, blues, and greens or the more subdued quality of simple white bulbs, your deck can be the perfect showcase. Wrap strands around deck columns or hang them from the eaves, just make sure to purchase lights designed for outdoor use to avoid a holiday fire hazard.
  3. Sit pretty: Your deck is a popular gathering place, and what better time to rekindle warm memories around a tray of cocoa and cookies than the holiday season? For your next trip down memory lane to be a success, though, comfortable furniture is a must. You don’t have to break the bank to offer guests a pleasant place to kick up their feet. A few nicely upholstered chairs or appealing wooden benches that fit your aesthetic are just what the occasion calls for.
  4. Double the use of your deck: Installing an underdeck drainage system from DEK Drain can provide a fully functional, customizable, and dry space underneath your deck that can serve as an expanded living and recreational area. From a finished ceiling complete with fans and recessed lighting to an outdoor kitchen to a full-fledged entertainment room with 4K TV and integrated sound system – or a combination of all three – your deck can be the quintessential hub for holiday parties, merriment, and so much more.

Remember: DEK Drain’s TOPSIDE systems make your deck feel nicer (and last longer) while making custom under deck roofing a snap. This proprietary product leaves plenty of space in the bay area between joists to allow for a finished ceiling to be installed underneath. You take things from there, using your newly functional space for anything your imagination can come up with.

When you’re ready to deck the halls, and reinvigorate your deck at the same time, reach out to our team.

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