Have you ever wondered how to extend the life of your deck frame? Look no further than the dog ear joist flashing systems, which provides optimal protection for the exposed joists of a deck, while allowing homeowners to hold off on the installation of a complete deck drainage system.

The waning days of summer resulted in one torrential rainstorm after another along the East Coast, thanks to repeated hurricane activity in the south. Homeowners with untreated decks may now be dealing with fallout from the deluge, which can result in costly damage and leaks to decks and homes.

Deterioration of a deck’s frame due to moisture and decay is one of the most common reasons homeowners replace their decks. Don’t watch your investment get washed away. A dog ear joist flashing system courtesy of DEK Drain® is a great way to prevent these problems, while significantly extending the life of your investment.

Resembling the droopy ears of a dog – hence the name – a dog ear joist flashing system comprises 3 layers of specially formulated rubber membrane, which is installed to the top edge of your deck’s framing. Here’s how it works:

  1. 8” wide flashing strips are installed directly to the bare joist.
  2. Six inch strips are layered over the 8”, followed by 4” strips, providing three layers of rubber membrane to protect against weather intrusion. .
  3. The substrate allows for deck surfaces to be fastened, before sucking back up against the nails and/or screws in a self-healing action and forming a barrier against leakage. The flashing strips are compressible so buildup is minimal.
  4. The rubber membrane remains flexible down to -70° F, and the three layers provide total protection for your deck.

In addition to keeping your deck framing bright, clean, and dry, dog ear joist flashing systems:

  • Resist moisture damage, ultraviolet sun exposure, acid rain, leaf debris, coastal salt sprays, and more.
  • Will never break, crack, craze, expand, shrink, swell, or delaminate.
  • Will not change dimension as a result of changes in temperature.
  • Provide for easy upgrades to a complete under deck drainage system at a later date.
  • Carry DEK Drain’s signature lifetime warranty.

Of course, a majority of our customers opt to start from scratch and upgrade their decks using our patented TOPSIDE systems. This solution can be installed in between flipping your existing deck boards to their non-weathered sides. TOPSIDE leaves enough space in the bay areas between joists to allow for the installation of a finished ceiling beneath your deck. The result? A comfy new living or storage space below, perfect for a with a ceiling fan or recessed lighting and more.

Questions? Our agents are standing by with answers. Fall is here, and what better way to enjoy the crisp, colorful scenery than with a revitalized outdoor living space. Contact us today to learn more.

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