Under deck panels that capture the rain water that has poured through your deck’s surface boards are a great way to double the use of your deck by providing a dry shelter underneath. Homeowners often look for such under deck panels when they want to enjoy a dry, shaded patio below their deck or use the sheltered space for storage of bicycles or lawn care equipment. But those are only two of the advantages of investing in a deck drainage system. Depending on how waterproof and durable your deck drainage system is, you may also extend the life of your deck by protecting it from premature decay due to moisture exposure. In addition to reliable protection, you’ll also want to look for a system that’s versatile and easy to install.

Those are all great reasons to turn to DEK Drain® when you’re in the market for a water diversion system for your existing deck or one that’s under construction. Our under deck panels are made from a specially formulated rubber membrane material that has superior waterproofing capabilities over the plastic and metal typically used in other deck drainage systems. This material will also outlast other under-deck materials because it’s not susceptible to damage from extreme fluctuations in temperature or prolonged exposure to water, especially the saltwater spray of a coastal area.

What’s more, the material we use in our deck drainage systems makes them a superior choice because:

  • They’re easy to install. Unlike many systems that can be installed only by a specialized contractor, our under deck panels can typically be installed by the household handyman or the contractor that’s building your deck. There are no specialized skills, tools, messy caulk, solvent or adhesive required.
  • They’re versatile. DEK Drain® systems are available for existing decks, decks under construction, leaf-shaped decks, boathouses, and other similar structures that may be difficult to dry-in with a system that comes only in certain sizes.
  • They’re efficient. Because we pre-cut your DEK Drain® system to precisely match the measurements of your deck, there’s virtually no wasted material involved, and that’s a potential cost savings for you. Environmentally friendly!

To learn more about the advantages that DEK Drain’s under deck panels provide for homeowners seeking to enjoy water protection for their below-deck spaces, contact us today. We proudly ship our systems to homeowners throughout the United States and Canada and to other countries worldwide.

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