It’s springtime! The sun is shining (sporadically – but it’s there) and temperatures have been inching up into the mid-to-high 70s on the most beautiful days. People are heading back out onto the water in anticipation of some much-needed seasonal fun.

Boaters, in particular, are readying their gear – and their vessels – and charting a course for the area’s rivers and lakes.

When their boats aren’t in use, however, more and more owners of waterfront properties are opting for dry boat storage solutions at home, instead of in a garage or at a marina – and there are plenty of benefits of dry boat storage.

Here are just three:

1. Convenience: Many boaters opt for dry storage so that they have more space to work when repairs and maintenance are required. Covered facilities not attached to the home are ideal for this kind of work, and if on the water – even better. Dry boat storage also makes accessibility possible around the clock.

For owners of waterfront property, dry boat storage also eliminates the need to tow the boat back and forth from a ramp, which is a considerable expense and a colossal time drain.

2. Protection from the elements: Obviously, keeping your boat safe from the wind and the rain and other abrasive weather conditions keeps it running longer without incident, and significantly reduces the need for frequent cleaning and detailing. Dry boat storage eliminates the worries of bleached wood, cracks caused by humidity, dusty and faded interiors, and – perhaps most offensive – mold damage. Dry boat storage ensures optimal operation, and protects the value of your investment, as well.

3. Increased savings: Less maintenance = less money spent, period. Not only that, but the amount of time saved in transport ultimately cuts down on fuel costs, trailer rentals, and other incidentals which can potentially add up to be a fortune over the life of your boat.

A well-placed, raised deck on waterfront or marina property can provide a snug, dry storage facility for your boat, when integrated with a quality water diversion system. Doing so helps boat owners double the use of a slip, with a sun deck up above and dry storage below.

Here’s how it works:

  • DEK Drain® systems use prefabricated panels installed over your deck joists to capture and redirect water away from your boat.
  • The virtually invisible system is tucked up inside your deck’s joists.
  • The unique cut of the panels allows a drainage trough to form automatically, while cap strips are stapled on top to provide added protection.
  • Decking boards hold the system in place, permanently.
  • DEK Drain-enhanced storage helps to keep your boat and everything in it safe year-round with our one-of-a-kind protective shield.

Now you know the benefits of dry boat storage and how DEK Drain can help you. We can help you reinvigorate the way you work and recreate this spring and summer, while doubling the use of your deck. Contact us today to learn more.

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