Cockroaches. Millipedes. Blood-sucking fiends… Without a professional drainage system installed, the area under your deck could become prime real estate for standing water and debris where mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies are known to lurk and breed.

Not only that, but excess moisture can also lead to the growth of fungi and cause wood rot, eventually damaging the structure of your home, making it appear run down and even haunted.

Scared yet?

It’s not an exaggeration to say that ridding your property of standing water is perhaps the most important – and easily achievable – things you can do as a homeowner to ward off pests and protect your investment.

Fall is here and winter is swiftly approaching, so homeowners in the Mid-Atlantic will have a slight reprieve from mosquitoes for a few months, at least. But come spring, when the warm weather returns, those puddles in and around and under your deck will attract the bloodsuckers, once again, and they will make any stagnant, standing water a hive of horrors.

Nip this problem in the bud now by installing a comprehensive deck drainage system in advance.

DEK Drain’s TOPSIDE® systems deliver dry, functional space under your deck, eliminating moisture concerns entirely.


  • Our TOPSIDE system keeps the joists of your deck and the frame dry, preventing the premature deterioration of your deck.
  • Our solutions protect against soil erosion, caused by rainwater that would otherwise pour through your deck’s surface. This also helps to keep the structural integrity of your home safe.
  • Fabricated from a flexible and durable rubber membrane material, TOPSIDE systems install to the top of deck joists before new decking is installed. This provides adequate space in the bay areas between joists, allowing for a finished ceiling to be installed underneath.
  • Because TOPSIDE is not a kit, you can purchase the parts you need, and never worry about waste. Pre-cut panels are adaptable to any shape or size, and no glue, caulk, adhesive, or sealants are ever required.

Better yet, once you have a newly usable area under your deck – the possibilities for customization are virtually endless. Maybe you can create a sunroom or screened in porch, where you can relax, escape from the elements, and stay far away from those pesky bugs and pests.

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