Summer is prime time for eager do-it-yourselfers to hit their garages and haul out their tool chests to launch (or put the final touches on) some long overdue home improvements.

In our backyards alone, there are countless projects to pursue – from landscaping to fence repairs to storage shed construction – and, of course, protective deck drainage system installs.

The sunnier months may be the best time to install a water diversion system that will provide optimal defenses for our decks and the space underneath.

And with the right product – like DEK Drain’s TOPSIDE® systems – going the solo route can be a literal snap.

After all, DEK Drain’s simple, straightforward fastening method makes installation a breeze, even for amateurs. Pre-cut panels can accommodate on-center framing at 12”, 16”, and 24” widths, matching your dimensions precisely.

In short, that means novices don’t have to worry about measurements at all, and that projects can be completed with minimal waste.

But that’s not all:

  • One person can easily complete a deck drainage system install using only a few select tools (electric stapler, hammer-tacker, slap stapler, scissors, and razor knife).
  • Ordering is hassle-free, with measurements being made before delivery, and accompanied by user-friendly, intuitive instructions that eliminate guesswork.
  • Perhaps most importantly, DEK Drain systems never require messy sealant, glues, or adhesives, making the process completely goop and goo-free.

That being said, hiring a contractor can make things infinitely easier on homeowners, saving them time, money, and stress.

Consider the following:

  1. Quality assurance: DIY projects can save on costs, no doubt. But there’s nothing like the peace of mind that a project is being completed by a licensed professional with decades of experience. A guaranteed product paired with a skilled tradesman ensures long-lasting results.
  2. Every second counts: They say time is money. But its value stretches far beyond dollar signs. While DEK Drain products are already swift to install, hiring a professional contractor typically expedites the process. And every minute you save on the back end is a minute you can spend enjoying life atop – and underneath – your newly protected deck area.
  3. Future enhancements: A professional contractor can not only help you with an effective drainage system install, but can also help you with future home improvements, and even luxury enhancements for your newly functional under deck space – like finished ceilings, inset lighting, fans, and so much more.

Drainage system installs courtesy of DEK Drain can cater to any shape, size, or style of deck. Our specialists can help you decide which system will best fit your needs. Whether hiring a contractor or doing it yourself, it just takes a few quick measurements to get started. Contact us today to learn more.

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