A dry space for storage under your deck is a great idea, provided that you have a way to keep rainwater from pouring through the cracks in your deck’s surface and ruining the items you have stored below. With an innovative, easy-to-install water diversion system from DEK Drain®, you’ll be able to use the area below your deck for storage or an outdoor seating area without worrying that your belongings will be damaged by moisture from above.

DEK Drain® has been providing reliable, long-lasting deck drainage systems to home and business owners throughout the United States and Canada since 1999. Our systems have allowed our customers to enjoy extra under deck storage space for housing golf carts, lawn care equipment, ladders and other items that would otherwise take up valuable square footage in a garage or shed. With the reliable protection of a DEK Drain® water diversion system, many homeowners choose to outfit their under-deck area with a finished ceiling, lighting and an overhead fan.

Whether you have an existing deck or one under construction, DEK Drain® has the ideal system to meet your needs. Here are some of the features you’ll enjoy when you choose one of our innovative deck drainage systems:

  • Long-lasting protection, not only for any belongings in storage under your deck, but also for your deck itself, which is susceptible to premature deterioration from prolonged moisture exposure if rain is allowed to soak the joists and framing
  • A deck drainage system that’s easy to install, with no messy caulk or sealant required and a knowledgeable DEK Drain® representative available by phone or email in the event you have questions during the installation process
  • A limited lifetime warranty that’s fully transferable to another homeowner should you decide to sell your home

These are only a few of the reasons you’ll want to turn to DEK Drain® for a deck drainage system you can depend on to provide a dry space for storage under your deck. Contact us today to learn more.

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