The versatile under decking membrane of a deck drainage system is key to providing the water diversion that’s needed to keep the area under your deck dry and suitable for storage or outdoor living space. For example, under-deck systems that rely on plastic can become brittle and prone to cracking in freezing temperatures, which may lead to rainwater leaking into the space below the deck’s surface. Plastic also may wear out prematurely from the year-in, year-out expansion and contraction of the substrate due to dramatic changes in temperature. That won’t happen when you invest in a water diversion system from DEK Drain® for your deck. Our versatile under decking membrane material is specially formulated using rubber, which is flexible but doesn’t expand and contract with changes in temperature. In fact, it remains flexible and provides reliable drainage, even in temperatures well below freezing. The rubber substrate used in DEK Drain® systems also won’t rust or corrode, even when perpetually exposed to the salt spray of a coastal area, which makes it superior to the metal that’s used in some deck drainage systems.

Another great feature of the under decking membrane material used in our deck drain systems is its versatility. We can provide a DEK Drain® system that ensures reliable protection against water damage for virtually any type of deck, including:

  • Existing decks and decks under construction
  • Leaf decks, unusually shaped decks and even boathouses
  • Decks that will be outfitted underneath with a finished ceiling and ceiling accessories

Not only that, but we pre-cut our specially formulated rubber membrane material into profiles that will fit the specific dimensions of your deck, which results in easy installation and virtually eliminates the potential for wasted materials. That translates into a potential savings of time and money for you.

We’ll be happy to tell you more about our exceptional under decking membrane material and the many other features that make DEK Drain® systems the best under-deck drainage systems available for homeowners across the globe. Contact us today for more information.

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