The summertime party is just getting started and your deck is the place to be. And yet many homeowners underestimate the various safety concerns that come with owning a deck. Keep your family and friends safe. Consider the following five deck safety tips to ensure your deck remains upright and accessible and keep the summer fun going all season long:

  • Ensure initial support: For families with children or pets, a deck’s railing is perhaps its most critical safety feature. Your deck’s railing should be able to support up to 200 pounds of pressure, measure three feet in height from the floor, and feature support beams that no less than 6 feet apart. Balusters, or the posts between the support beams, should be no more than 4 inches apart to prevent small children and animals from squeezing through. Make certain your deck’s handrails are easy to grip and test your railing before finalizing construction by pushing and pulling to make certain it stays put.
  • Take the next step(s). The staircase leading from your deck to the ground floor is also subject to its own unique hazards. Ensure its stability by installing quality risers and treads to prevent wobbling – or worse. Once installed, keep your staircases free of decorative pots and other knickknacks that could cause guests to trip.
  • Don’t overlook the final nail: Actually, all things considered, stainless steel screws are likely the best option when fastening your pressure-treated or natural wood decking boards together, as they offer a tighter grip on lumber. Whatever the case may be, be sure to regularly examine your fasteners for any signs of corrosion or damage.
  • Examine your immediate surroundings. One of the most important and perhaps underestimated deck safety tips is the importance of ample lighting, particularly near the stairs. Routine maintenance to replace broken or dim bulbs is essential. Keep an eye on the trees surrounding your deck, as well. Trim back branches and other greenery that may be blocking lamps, while making sure that nothing encroaches upon your deck and the people relaxing on it.
  • Get the last line of defense: Warped and decaying wood can drastically impact the integrity of deck and could even lead to collapse under extreme conditions. A quality water drainage system can protect your deck from moisture damage and rot that could cause the boards to splinter and even loosen over time. 

DEK Drain’s proprietary water drainage systems keep decks dry and structurally sound. Our specially formulated rubber membrane material was designed to withstand the elements and fluctuating temperatures, in addition to potential damage from insects and other pests. Most importantly, our systems deliver dry, functional space below your deck, doubling its use for recreation, relaxation, and summertime fun. Contact us today to learn more or to request a consultation.

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