We’ve spoken at length about how DEK Drain’s water diversion systems are designed to capture and direct rainwater into collection gutters keeping the deck frame and the area beneath the deck clean and dry. Doubling the space of your deck and paving the way for expanded – and fully customizable – outdoor living space seems like enough of a selling point, but did you know our drainage system protects your entire home in various other ways, as well?

Check out these three bonus safeguards your TOPSIDE® system delivers this spring, and every other season of the year:

  1. A more solid foundation: Without proper deck drainage, rainwater can breach the surface of your deck and erode the soil below. Left unchecked, erosion could cause the foundation of your home to shift – and even crack apart. As heavy spring rains fall, precipitation first hits your house and then your deck. Thanks to DEK Drain, that deluge is directed into custom rubber troughs which guide it away from dry areas and into the gutters. By doing so, your quality drainage system protects your entire home from a split foundation and the warped floors, buckled walls, and mounting repair bills that could result.
  2. Mitigating moisture damage! Not only does channeling runoff away from your deck and your foundation keep erosion at bay, but it can also prevent standing water from seeping into the walls of your home, causing serious problems like flooding and mold and mildew damage down the line. Quality systems, like TOPSIDE®, also extend the life of your deck, preventing the rotting and warping of the wood, which can attract all kinds of insects and other pests that may eventually find their way inside your home at large.
  3. Reinforcing your home’s value: We may not immediately think about “value” when it comes to home damage, but it is absolutely one of the most critical components to consider. Did you know? Superficial SNAFUs such as cracked concrete, disheveled fencing, and – yes – decks in a state of disrepair can cause a bad impression, at best, and depreciation of your home’s value in worst-case scenarios. But by offering an effective and aesthetically pleasing way to manage rainwater runoff, DEK Drain products double the use of your deck and deliver an attractive and functional outdoor living space at a fraction of the cost of other home additions. Once empty (and dark, dingy) space is now an eye-pleasing accouterment for future home buyers. Boosting your curb appeal protects both your home – and your bottom line.

Spring cleaning season is in full effect, and homeowners are busy bringing their houses and landscapes back into unity. Keep in mind: DEK Drain’s prefabricated TOPSIDE® panels are perfect for any deck. Installation is a snap, waste is virtually eliminated, and peace of mind is optimized for owners, who know their investment is complete – and completely protected. Contact our team today for more information.

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