Protecting your deck from the elements, while simultaneously providing a dry, functional space underneath may sound like a significant undertaking at first.

Here’s the good news: with the proper deck drainage solution, you can ward off heavy rains and water damage in a simple, straightforward manner.

A quality deck drainage solution is hallmarked by its ease of installation, made possible by components that integrate seamlessly and work in unison to provide optimal protection.

The ideal deck drainage solution should consist of these 4 key features:

  1. Quality panels: Panels overlap on the top edge of your deck’s joists. Used to collect water, they are the main component of any successful water drainage system. At DEK Drain®, our pre-cut rubber membrane panels (for 12”, 16”, and 24” on-center framing) offer durability and longevity and allow a drainage trough to form automatically during the install.
  2. Diversion flange: This unique dog-eared rubber component protects the overlap of the panels.
  3. Protective flashing: Make certain no water can penetrate between your deck’s ledger board and the wall of your home. Flashing is a simple, but integral, component. It is also frequently overlooked by builders. Flashing is essential to create a good, solid seal and protect your home against water damage.
  4. Bib: Don’t make a mess. During heavy rains, panels may collect water that overshoots your gutter at great force. A deck drainage solution’s bib – found at the terminal end of the panel – prevents this leakage from occurring and keeps the rim board that closes the ends of your joists dry.

DEK Drain’s deck drainage solutions can be easily handled and installed by one person using simple, easily acquired tools. Stellar craftsmanship and innovative design ensure that no measuring, sizing, or caulking is necessary, and our unique fastener system eliminates the need for sealants or adhesives of any kind. Contact us today to get started.

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