For homeowners who would eventually like to have an under deck ceiling installed so that they can enjoy the space under their deck with lighting, a fan and other comforts of indoor living, the first step is to install a waterproofing system that will capture the rainwater seeping through the deck boards. DEK Drain® offers innovative water diversion systems that will allow you to install a waterproof, finished ceiling under your deck so that you can use your newfound living space any way you wish. Even if it’s raining, you can enjoy a get-together with friends, a game of ping pong or perhaps simply some quiet moments sipping your favorite beverage in the evening after a long day.

Whether you already have a deck or you’re having a new deck installed, there’s a DEK Drain® system that’s ideal for you, as we’ve developed a variety of profiles to suit every need. Here are a few details about each of our main systems:

  • TOPSIDE® system – This DEK Drain® profile features panels that are attached to the top of a deck before the surface boards are mounted to the frame. This system not only keeps the area below the deck completely dry, but also keeps the bay areas between the joists under the deck free for a finished ceiling to be installed. It also protects the deck frame from moisture, which can prolong your deck’s structural integrity.
  • UNDERSIDE® RECESSED system – This system is installed in the bay area between the joists, below the boards of an existing deck. This method is preferred for homeowners who want a decorative ceiling under an existing deck. Another option is to choose the DEK Drain® UNDERSIDE® system and extend the below-deck joists downward with 2×4 framing to provide support for a finished ceiling.

No matter what system you choose, it will be custom-cut from a specially formulated, 45-mil rubber membrane material that works better and lasts longer than the materials typically used in other deck drainage systems on the market. This is because the flexibility of rubber causes it to form a better seal around the fasteners, and it won’t stiffen and crack in cold winter temperatures. You’ll also receive a transferable limited lifetime warranty that will give you peace of mind that your investment is protected.

For more information about DEK Drain® water diversion systems that will allow you to customize the area under your deck with a ceiling for the ultimate finished look, contact us today. We’re eager to help homeowners enjoy all of the outdoor living options that are possible with a second-floor deck.

View the Installation Gallery to see how DEK Drain® water diversion systems are constructed.

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