When evaluating the cost of an under deck drainage system, it is important to look beyond the base ticket price to the system’s overall value and its potential for a healthy ROI (Return On Investment).

Consider the following when window (or “under deck”) shopping:

Quality materials

Let’s talk toilet paper. After all, it’s a topic that’s been fresh on our minds (even if it’s been absent from store shelves) for the last few months.

Prior to the pandemic, no one ever went out of their way to buy single-ply toilet paper. Why? Because it simply doesn’t get the job done. When it comes to wet works – you really want something that doesn’t leak.

The same goes for under deck drainage systems. Plastic systems are typically 20 mil. thick (or the thickness of a plastic milk jug). And as you may have guessed, they’re prone to leakage.

Drainage systems formulated from rubber substrate gauge, however, are more than twice as substantial at 45 mil. of thickness. Rubber creates a watertight seal, and unlike plastic and metal, remains stable in extreme temperatures.

Because it will never expand, shrink, warp, or crack, rubber substrate also scores higher in longevity, meaning your drainage system will continue to perform year after year – boosting your ROI.

Keep in mind: If you opt for a cheaper drainage system, and it ultimately fails after installation, there is significant cost involved with removing the railing system and taking up the decking to replace the inferior drainage system.

Here’s another analogy. Have you ever re-shingled your home? Same principle. You can buy 10-year, 20-year, or 30-year shingles; the shorter the time frame, the cheaper the cost. But replacing a roof every 10 years is labor intensive and expensive. Purchasing 10-year shingles may save you some cash up front but is the pricier option in the long run.

The costs of an under deck drainage system are similar. In other words, you get what you pay for.

Customization and Ease of Installation

Each and every deck is different. Some require special systems for blocking and bracing. Others are cantilevered.

When choosing an under deck drainage system, it’s important to make sure that you will be able to order only the pieces you need, and in custom sizes if the situation calls for it.

Run of the mill, off the shelf drainage system kits can be risky. They might not fit the unique needs of your project. Not only that, but they often require the purchase of additional, unnecessary materials – and may require caulking, which is cumbersome and costly.

Instead, choose a drainage system that addresses a range of installation issues and does not limit your use of materials or fixtures.

DEK Drain systems, for example, can be adapted to decks of any shape, size, or style, and are based on a few simple measurements that you provide. We then provide comprehensive and easy to follow installation instructions and awesome customer service to back them up. Our pre-cut panels perfectly match your deck’s dimensions.


The best warranty, of course, is one that you never have to use.

A fully transferable, limited lifetime warranty is a true sign of a quality product. And only one under deck drainage system currently on the market offers one.

DEK Drain’s TOPSIDE and UNDERSIDE products are made from premium and durable rubber membrane material and use custom-cut panels that perfectly match the dimensions of your deck, eliminating waste.

Better yet, our unique gravity-based troughs make every job simple and goop-free. No sealants, glues, or adhesives are required.

What’s more, DEK Drain offers unique systems for decks that are under construction (TOPSIDE®) or simply in need of an upgrade (UNDERSIDE®), delivering dry, functional space beneath in both cases.

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