If you’re shopping for an under deck roof system, you’re undoubtedly searching for a way to make the space under your deck dry and usable for any number of purposes. Maybe you’d like to have a sheltered patio that will give your guests a dry place to go when rain threatens to ruin your outdoor party. Or maybe you’d like to have a dry, shady spot where you can store your lawnmower and outdoor furniture.

No matter the reason that you’re searching for a dry below deck system, the key is that you want a system that will keep your below-deck area dry. And that’s where DEK Drain® shines. Our deck drainage systems are made from a specially formulated rubber membrane material that simply outperforms the plastic or metal typically used in other under-deck systems. This material is thicker and exceptionally durable, and it won’t crack in extreme temperatures the way plastic does or corrode after a few years of damaging exposure the way metal will. This makes DEK Drain® the ideal choice for under-deck protection, no matter where you live in the United States, Canada, or across the globe.

We also offer highly versatile and easy-to-install deck drainage systems, available in different profiles depending on whether you have an existing deck or one under construction. Here are brief descriptions of our main profiles:

  • TOPSIDE® — This system is ideal for installation on decks that are under construction or in the process of being restored. It features panels that are installed on top of the deck’s joists before the surface boards are attached to the frame.
  • UNDERSIDE® — This system is designed for existing decks, with the panels being attached to the bottom of the deck joists. If plans include having a finished ceiling installed under the deck, you can either add a build-down frame to support the ceiling or opt for the system below.
  • UNDERSIDE® RECESSED — This is the ideal system to choose when you want to have a finished ceiling installed below an existing deck. With this profile, the panels are recessed inside the bay area between joists, and the ceiling material can be easily attached to the bottom of the joists.

The friendly and knowledgeable representatives at DEK Drain® will be happy to help you select the best under deck roof system to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information.

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