Imagine if the area under your deck had a roof that kept it dry and protected from rain and snow, just as the roof over your home protects your indoor living area. Would you install comfortable seating and entertain family and friends outdoors, rain or shine? Would you use the protected area to store lawn care equipment, bicycles or other items that are taking up valuable space in your garage? The potential uses of a sheltered space under your deck are limited only by your imagination. And one of the innovative water diversion systems from DEK Drain® can help you turn your ideas into a reality.

Our TOPSIDE® system is the ideal choice for homeowners who are building a deck or replacing the boards on an existing deck. This system provides the ultimate waterproof protection for the frame, as it captures and diverts water that seeps through the boards so that the space below remains dry. DEK Drain’s UNDERSIDE® system is designed to be installed under the boards of an existing deck. For homeowners who would like an under deck roof that allows for a finished ceiling, there’s UNDERSIDE®  RECESSED, which is installed in the bays between the joists.

Whichever system is right for you, it will be the most enduring and effective way to achieve the protection of a roof under your deck that you can buy. Our systems stand out because they’re made from a specially formulated, 45-mil rubber membrane material that outlasts and outperforms the material of other systems, which typically are made from plastic or metal. The benefits of our under deck roof systems include:

  • Exceptional performance – The flexibility of the rubber membrane material causes it to create a watertight seal around the fasteners. It also remains pliable in freezing temperatures, which means it won’t crack and allow your system to leak.
  • Easy installation – The panels are custom cut to fit the precise dimensions of your deck, so installation will be easier and, unlike with other deck drainage systems, there will be no waste.
  • Lifetime protection – Our products come with a transferable limited lifetime warranty.

For more information about how DEK Drain® can help you enjoy the protection of a roof under your deck and expand the usable area underneath, contact us today.

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