An under deck drainage system is a great way to prolong the life of your deck and also potentially gain some usable space underneath for covered outdoor entertaining or for storage. But before you invest in one, it’s important to consider the durability of the materials used to construct the system and how well those materials will stand up to the weather in your part of the United States or Canada. You’ll also want to look for a drainage system that can be adapted to fit any size and shape of deck and provide the reliable watertight protection you need. Fortunately, DEK Drain® has invested the time and research in developing the ideal deck drainage systems to meet homeowners’ needs, no matter where they live or what type of deck they have – or plan to build.

The beauty of our unique under-deck water diversion systems lies in the panels that are fabricated from a specially formulated rubber membrane material. Some of the reasons this material is ideal for protecting your deck include the following:

  • Unlike plastic or metal, rubber will remain flexible, even when temperatures drop below freezing. Thus, rubber creates an exceptional watertight seal around the fasteners of the DEK Drain® system.
  • The rubber membrane won’t expand, shrink, warp, peel or crack, so you can count on it to provide reliable protection against damage caused by water infiltration for as long as you own your deck.
  • Our rubber membrane material is pre-cut into panels that match the precise dimensions of your deck, which allows for easy installation with commonly used tools and without messy caulk or sealants. This means you or your contractor won’t be wrestling with the materials in a one-size-fits-all kit to adapt them to meet your specific needs. Plus, you won’t be paying for materials you don’t need.

Whether you’re building a deck and would like to incorporate a drainage system that will protect the deck frame and create dry, usable space underneath, or you’d like to install a drainage system under your existing deck, we have a profile to meet your needs. Even if you have a leaf-shaped deck, a cantilevered deck, or some other design that’s difficult to fit, there’s a DEK Drain® profile that’s ideal for you.

Contact DEK Drain® today to find out how you can get all the benefits of an under deck drainage system for your home. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the United States and Canada.

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